Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Escondido DV and Restraining Order Attorney

If you and/or your children are in danger, my first recommendation is to seek assistance from law enforcement, file a police report, and find a safe shelter. Once you have done that, you will want to request a domestic violence restraining order to protect yourself and/or your children. The domestic violence restraining order is a court order that will establish specific limitations on contact between yourself and the abusive party, as well as any associated orders regarding the children and supervised visitation. A restraining order is the only way to completely ensure your protection, as it provides law enforcement with the legal orders they need to prevent future incidents of abuse and harm.

If you have been the victim of physical or emotional abuse, please contact my office, or call me for a free initial consultation at (760) 233-1002 so that we can immediately move forward to obtain a restraining order.  At the Law Offices of Nadine M. Sayegh we work to protect those who are abused, as well as those who are falsely accused of abuse.

Have You Been Served with a Temporary Restraining Order in Escondido, San Marcos CA or North County

In short, you need to act immediately. First, obey every instruction in the temporary restraining order to the letter. If it says no contact, that means, no contact. If the other person texts, calls or emails you, do NOT respond under any circumstances. This is serious business.

There is a short window (days) between the time you are served and the hearing before the court that will make the orders permanent. Many people simply ignore the notice, or are worried about what will happen if they go to court. If you do not appear, the court will automatically enter orders against you that can permanently damage you in many ways. You may no longer be able to see your children freely, will in all likelihood be kicked out of your home, and you will no longer be able to own or possess a firearm or ammunition. As if that isn't enough, a permanent record establishes that you are a violent individual, and this will affect your current work, future employment opportunities, even how you are treated at a "normal" traffic stop.

Contact an Experienced Domestic Violence Restraining Order Lawyer Serving Escondido and North County

Good people have bad days. And in some cases, allegations of abuse are used as a weapon in divorce and family law matters. It won't cost you anything to call or contact me for a free initial consultation, and to learn about your rights and how to stand up against the request for a restraining order. Contact me or call (760) 233-1002.

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