Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my divorce take?

The minimum length of time for a divorce in the state of California is six (6) months.
Does that mean that your divorce will be finalized in six months?
Short answer…maybe.

Let me explain, in California a divorce cannot be finalized until it has been pending for 6 months. In other words, by law, the court cannot divorce (make you a legally single person again) until 6 months have passed since the divorce was served on your soon to be ex-spouse. For example, if your ex-spouse is served with the divorce documents in this case on May 2nd, the first day the court can divorce you would be November 2nd. You cannot legally be single before that date. That said, if we can complete everything that we need to complete and reach a full settlement of your case in that time, then you likely will be divorced within the 6-month timeframe. If we are unable to either reach a settlement with your soon to be ex-spouse in that timeframe, then you will not be divorced in 6 months.

However, there is a longer explanation here. While we believe that working towards settlement from day one of your case is the best way to reach a quick settlement, saving all parties from the emotional and financial strain of a divorce, it does not always happen quickly, and sometimes not at all. In those cases, we will need to have a trial in which the judge will decide what happens with your case.

If you wish to be a single person sooner rather than later, we can file a request with the court to have that done. Please let us know if at anytime during this process you would like us to file such a request and we will have that done. In an effort to save on attorney’s fees and costs this is not something that we do typically unless specifically requested.

How much is this going to cost?

Because we strive to create personalized services for each client and each case is different, we do not have any flat rates for any services.

Feel free to contact our office for more information about fees

Do I really need an attorney or can I do this myself?

This is completely up to you. You can hire our office to provide full and complete representation of you throughout the entirety of your case, beginning to end. You also can hire our office simply to review your paperwork prior to you submitting to the court and you will represent yourself at any hearings.

We do strive to provide personalized services for your individual needs

How do I attend my virtual hearing?

While the court is open and running, all hearings are being conducted virtually through Microsoft Teams. In order to attend these hearings, you can either call in to the court or by video through Microsoft Teams.
Please use this link to find the information for your attendance.

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