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Divorce is often seen as a lengthy battle between spouses in front of a judge with each side attempting to gain the upper hand. This can be the process in cases where communication has broken down between the two parties whose emotional barriers will never allow them to find common ground. 


However, it is becoming less of the norm as more couples seeking divorce take advantage of less expensive, time-consuming, and stressfull ways to resolve their differences over property division, custody arrangemnets, alimony, or other issues. Furthermore, California judges routinely order mediation in custody cases where parents cannot agree on parenting plans after filing for divorce. 


If you have been ordered to mediate your custody case or you wish to engage in mediation as a less adversarial path to resolving other divorce issues, you can turn to The Law Offices of Nadine M. Sayegh. Our attorney is a trained mediator who is included under the Alternative Dispute Resolution list of providers for the San Diego Family Law Bar Association. She also works as a pro-tem judge with the local courts to assist in mandatory settlement conferences for family law matters. These professional designations and experiences have given her deep insight and sharpened skills in helping families resolve their disputes without resorting to litigation.

What Is Divorce Mediation & How Does It Work?

In divorce mediation, you will work with a neutral third party, the mediator, whose job is to help you and your spouse reach mutually acceptable terms for the issue at hand. Your mediator’s role is to help foster constructive communication, help you find common ground, and help you negotiate your way to a settlement agreement that you can then present to the court. Mediators can also assist by explaining options that may be available. However, it is not the role of the mediator to make decisions for you, only to provide the support you need in making those decisions. 


The mediation is conducted in private sessions in a safe and neutral location, such as an office. It commonly involves one mediator who works with you and your spouse. However, you may also have separate legal representation while mediation is taking place depending on the specifics of your situation and your preferences. You may also involve other professionals as neutral experts who can assist by giving you vital information, such as accountants, appraisers, child therapists, or others as needed. 

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation has many benefits over litigation including the following:


  • You and your spouse remain in control of the decisions as opposed to being subject to a judge's rulings.

  • The process provides creativity, flexibility, and latitude in reaching resolutions to your disagreements. 

  • It is done privately outside of the public arena of a court. 

  • It is less costly and time-consuming because it is done independently of court calendars and litigation.

  • It reduces emotional stress for the participants and their families.

  • It often results in a better co-parenting working relationship and few post-divorce disagreements.

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